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Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010 - 11:14:27 WIB
Flick Review : Pyuupiru 2001-2008 (Q! Film Festival)
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PYUUPIRU 2001-2008 is a documentary about an original creator. His creation grows as he shapes himself physically and mentally to find his true character. Every change in his life is meant to be part of process to a higher and challenging level as a human and artist. In this documentary, we follow him from how he sees and express himself to how he creates his contemporary works of art. Watching how he transformed himself is such a touching and inspiring experience.

The director, DAISHI MATSUNAGA, is a close friend to Pyuupiru. He’s been filming Pyuupiru from 2001 to 2008. In all those years, Daishi captures all Pyuupiru’s essential experiences, emotions, and perspectives of him. We get to know him before he bravely showed himself as a transsexual. We also meet his family, friends, the photographer who found his works as more than just weird stuffs, and many more. All these people understand how Pyuupiru is different and loves to stand out than other people. They care about him. But, Pyuupiru, like any other human, wants to have a life partner than can love him. Although we see him having a boyfriend in thic documentary, we still can see the loneliness that always comes back and torture him.

The footages in this documentary also have the ability to grab the audiences in awe and bind them with a feeling of being amazed. They don’t just show the beauty of his work, but also the soul of them. Pyuupiru is indeed a visionary and perfectionist contemporary artist. He really knows the details of his creation, even before his creation is finished. He made all the costumes himself for the “Planetaria” series by knitting with his own hands. After these costumes are finished, he wore them and gave specific gestures and facial expression for each costume in a photoshoot. The most outstanding work for him is called “Light and Hope”, a giant cone made of 50,000 paper cranes. Pyuupiru did 32,000 paper cranes all by himself and asked other people to help him making 18,000 paper cranes. What he wanted from those people is not just merely physical support. He wanted these people to make paper cranes with love because that is how he made the 32,000 paper cranes. That is the only right way to make an art object called “Light and Hope”.

PYUUPIRU 2001-2008 also covers other personal and hard experiences that Pyuupiru went through in the name of finding happiness.He did many surgeries to make him looks like beautiful and sexy woman. His decision to do those surgeries might be hard to understand. But, somehow we care and respect him with all his decisions.

After the credits rolls, PYUUPIRU 2001-2008 left the audiences with nothing but amusement and caring for Pyuupiru, as an ordinary human and a great artist.

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