Studio :
Genre : Drama, Romance, Arthouse
Director : Kit Hung
Producer : Jacqueline Liu
Starring : Lu Yu Lai, Bernhard Bulling

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010 - 18:47:49 WIB
Flick Review : Soundless Wind Chime (Q! Film Festival)
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Kit Hung’s SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME opens as a surrealistic film. It blurs out the boundaries between reality, memories, myth, and imagination. We see Pascal (Bernhard Bulling) who lies down on the road and says that he finally hears the sound of silence. He is a Swiss thief who lives in Hong Kong with his con artist boyfriend who abuses him sexually. One day, Pascal leaves him and met Ricky (Lu Yu Lai) whom he pickpocketed. They recognize each other, but Ricky say and do nothing to him. Then, Pascal returns his wallet. Their relationship grows from there.

The film continues as a poignant story about a relationship between a loyal guy and an easily tempted guy. Unspoken questions arises : Why do they keep their relationship?  Is it really love or dependency to each other? It is clear that they are not prepared to face the changes that happen in their relationship. They don’t even know how to talk about their feelings toward each other.

Beside this relationship between Pascal and Ricky which falls apart, Kit Hung also shows another story set in Switzerland. The story is about Ricky who meets Ueli (also played by Bulling), an antique shop owner. Having a certain purpose for coming to Switzerland, Ricky suddenly finds himself stuck at Ueli who looks like Pascal. These stories of a failing relationship and a new one are delivered by Kit Hung in a very sensitive way.

At the end, SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME plays like many other asian queer films which involve death. There is no new approach from Kit Hung for it. What he does is strengthening melodrama combined with romance mood towards the end and leaving a raw open ending. He also brings back the surrealistic style in a lesser degree.

With its artsy cinematography and editing, sometimes it is hard to draw any strong emotion from the film. Lu Yu Lai and Bernhard Bulling are the ones who not only save the film from becoming a plain arthouse-and-queer film, but also take the whole film into a higher emotional ride. Somehow, it wasn’t their chemistry every time they are together in a scene that lift the film. It was all those scenes when they are on their own and swim deep into their thoughts while their feelings still linger to each other.

As a whole, SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME doesn’t offer something new about relationship. But, the efforts from Kit Hung, Lu Yu Lai, and Bernhard Bulling to wrap the relationship with deep caring make the film is worth to watch.

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